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Our milk comes entirely from Dutch cows. Local farmers who choose the best quality out of passion and conviction. The welfare of the environment and animals are central in agriculture. Cows are free to graze outside in the meadow when the weather permits, and get the best food. In addition, no use is made of GMOs (genetically modified organisms), fertilizers and chemical pesticides in agriculture.

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Breastfeeding contains everything your baby needs for healthy growth and development. We advise you to breastfeed for at least the first six months. If you decide to switch, then the NutriHolland infant formula is a natural follow-up: modern formulated infant formula.

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NutriHolland offers bottle feeding without compromising on ingredients. All our products are formulated in a modern way, and are enriched with ingredients according to the latest scientific insights.


Nutri Holland was established to develop quality food products based on cow's milk. Our primary products are scientifically advanced milk powder formulas. We sell our products under the Nutri Holland brand name.

We strive to sell the highest quality products, which are subject to strict quality controls during production. Nutri Holland is produced under strict microbiological controls, using advanced technology. Our research and development program focuses on quality and functional food.

Nutri Holland is the best choice in bottle feeding for your children.

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